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what is the prolapse series ?

It is a 6 week online movement & education based series for women with pelvic organ prolapse, & it focuses on;

- pelvic organ prolapse management, symptom reduction & healing

- working to address core & pelvic floor dysfunction

- improving quality of life with pelvic organ prolapse

This is done via a whole body movement approach inspired by Restore Your Core ®

(a comprehensive rehabilitation based exercise based program for women who have core & pelvic floor dysfunction)

The classes consist of;

- a portion of time devoted to moving your body & exercise

(the exercise & movement portions of the class combine functional Yoga & Pilates based exercises with the fundamentals of biomechanics)

- bodily assessments of breath, alignment, movement strategies & other wonderful things

- educational tools & tips for daily life beyond the class

- & questions & answers

Over 50% of women in their lifetime experience some degree of pelvic organ prolapse,

symptoms can include but are not limited too;

~ feeling a heaviness in your rectum or vagina

~ feeling pressure in your pelvis, rectum or vagina (more so when coughing or sneezing)

~ feeling like you can feel 'something' in your vagina or rectum (like there is a tampon low in the vagina or ball or other object)

~ feeling like something is digging into the vagina or rectum

~ feeling like you are sitting on an object, like a small ball

~ a dragging feeling, pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, rectum or vagina

~ feeling a bulge in the vagina or rectum

~ discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse

~ issues with peeing, feeling like your bladder is not empty, needing to pee frequently

~ leaking pee at anytime (randomly, cough, sneeze, laugh, jump etc)

~ leaking poop, or poop smearing in underwear

~ feeling like you cannot fully empty your bowels, or like there is poop there you are to able to pass (stool trapping)

~ faecal incontinence, leaking poop at any time

~ seeing a bulge at the entrance to the vagina, or seeing something protruding from the vagina or anus (a lump, tissue coloured)

~ with some prolapses itching, dryness & bleeding may be experienced  

These issues can have a hugely negative impact on your quality of life, but If you are experiencing issues like these, there is hope!

If you are experiencing any of these issues please reach are not alone! 

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from thia xx


"In this series I am aiming to educate & facilitate positive long term change in the lives of women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse.

I want to improve quality of life, help lessen distressing symptoms, develop management strategies, 

share techniques & help the body to heal.

I want to empower women so that they have the knowledge & tools to help themselves in every day life, beyond our sessions.

By teaching you about pelvic organ prolapse, how to move efficiently, exercise optimally,

become aware of imbalances & non optimal alignment & patterns (& much more) I want to give you the knowledge to move forward,

remove some of the barriers, anxiety & fears, & get you back to doing the things you want to be doing, with confidence. 


Knowledge is the first step, noticing & understanding things in your body is the next.....but importantly, 

applied knowledge is power over your prolapse!





Why should you choose The Prolapse Series ? 

You will be moving & exercising your whole body, taking back control & lessening fear of movement

you will also learn about the body in relation to the pelvic floor, prolapses & ways to manage & reduce symptoms


rebuild your body functionally & start moving & breathing without pain, fear, or discomfort


learn corrective movement & breathing patterns & reduce stress & pressure on your core, pelvic floor & prolapses


find healthy & more optimal alignment, so your muscles & tissues can finally start to heal


learn exercises & movement to restore optimal core & pelvic floor function

& how to integrate these movements into everyday life


explore your compensation patterns or unhelpful movement patterns & uncover blind spots that may be

preventing core, pelvic floor & prolapse healing


optimise your core engagement strategy


learn how & when to use movement modifications

Upcoming Online Series

This online series is a wonderful opportunity to learn about your body & improve your quality of life with pelvic organ prolapse

You will experience live guidance & feedback from a Certified Teacher, support between sessions as you practice & have any questions answered

Groups will be small so I am able to focus on each person & suitable for absolute beginners to professionals

I offer private sessions, assessments & group sessions (online & in person)

& 6 week RYC ® series (online only)

more info or to book

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