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hi, i'm thia

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I'm a pre & postnatal specialist on a mission to help both prenatal & postnatal women

I offer support & guidance throughout pregnancy, early post birth & beyond,

through functional exercise, movement, & rehabilitation strategies


You can effectively support your pregnant body as it changes, 

minimise or avoid many of the common pregnancy symptoms

& prepare your body for labour & birth


You can stack the cards in your favour for a smoother labour, birth experience & early postnatal recovery after baby is born by preparing & optimising your body during pregnancy


I am extremely passionate about helping women feel their best throughout pregnancy as their body changes & postnatally as they reconnect & recover


I am dedicated to helping postnatal women who are already experiencing core or pelvic floor dysfunction to rehabilitate, alleviate symptoms & have a better quality of life

Speaking from my own difficult experience of pregnancy, birth & postnatal issues, & being privy to hundreds of other women's pregnancy, birth & postnatal stories,

I believe there is a significant lack of support, resources & available help out there for the women who need it


Many of the issues listed in the below section that women face post birth could be minimised with effective preparation,

& many of the issues women live with after having a baby (seeing them as the 'price of having a baby') can be reversed or minimised for a better quality of life

All of these can significantly affect a woman's quality of life, ability to enjoy life & live fully, but there is hope! 


prepare    reconnect    restore

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I strive to help prenatal women;

avoid common pregnancy issues, aches & pains

prepare the body in advance for the new ways in which it will move during motherhood

prepare the whole body for labour, birth & the early postnatal days


I want to help postnatal women;

recover, reconnect & rehabilitate their core & pelvic floor via a whole body approach regaining their strength & get back to the activities they love

Under the postnatal 'umbrella' lies something especially close to my heart,

helping women who are already suffering from;

core & pelvic floor dysfunction & pelvic organ prolapse

& have their quality of life negatively impacted


Issues such as the ones listed below can have a devastating impact both mentally & physically,

& there are so many proactive things we can do to improve symptoms & improve quality of life

leaking urine when running, jumping, working out, laughing, sneezing or coughing

constant back pain & low back pain

a weak core or a gap in the core wall (diastasis recti)

a bulging, heaviness or sensation in the pelvic floor

hip pain & discomfort

painful sexual intercourse

pelvic organ prolapse

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my story


Why do I have such a passion to help both pre & postnatal women?

It all stems from my own personal prenatal, birth & postnatal experiences. 

I had a complicated & traumatic experience birthing my son. I suffered birth injuries as a result & my postnatal experience has been the hardest thing I have ever faced. I suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence), damage to my pelvic floor muscles & coordination, pelvic organ prolapse of the uterus, bladder & bowel & a large diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) 

My injuries were causing symptoms so severe that I was not able to function. I didn't have the option to simply stay quiet & get on with things, I couldn't live my life the way things were, so I desperately searched for help anywhere I could get it.

There were very few avenues of help here in the UK, & extremely long wait times for very short appointments, so I took to the internet, researching & finding specialists abroad & online programs that could help me. 

What I realised during this research is that women are not given enough information in pregnancy to help them prepare their bodies for labour & birth. They are not given information post birth to aid healing & are not taken seriously postnatally if they have birth injury, pelvic floor injury or dysfunction & core dysfunction.

As I moved forward in my own journey, facilitating my bodies healing, effectively managing & lessening symptoms, I decided I needed to do something to help as many women as I could prepare for birth & helping those already living with life changing birth injuries like mine rehabilitate & improve their quality of life.

So I learned from, trained & certified with some of the best most wonderful women in the field, who are teaching using the most up to date research & techniques. I have spoken to & learnt from so many more along the way, to many to mention here!

I look forward to meeting you & helping you regain your quality of life!!

              thia xx

for those who are interested in my qualifications

I have had the pleasure of training under Lauren Ohayon, Louisa Thomas, Kim Vopni, Jade O'Boyle, Lindsey McCoy & am currently in training with & Munira Hudani.

I am L2 & L3 Pre & Postnatal Certified, I am Restore Your Core Certified ®, I am Core Confidence Certified,

I am Pre & Postnatal Specialist Certified, & most recently I am now Certified in the Body Ready Method®

I am training to be Diastasis Rectus Abdominus & The Post Partum Core Certififed

I am a CIMSPA registered practitioner & fully insured with BGI


L2  & L3 pre & postnatal 

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Diastasis Rectus Abdominus
& The Postpartum Core

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