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I am extremely passionate about preparation!


Preparation can start while you are thinking of becoming pregnant, trying to conceive, & most commonly if you are already pregnant, no matter how many weeks pregnant, its never to late to start. 


Your pregnant body undergoes a lot of changes during the approximately 40 ish weeks of pregnancy. Preparation is key to help the body carry strong through pregnancy, minimise common aches & pains & effectively prepare for labour, birth & beyond. 


I see preparation as supporting your changing body through pregnancy with targeted movements & exercise.

This in turn also helps prepare the body, muscles & tissue for a smoother more optimal labour & birth experience, & early postnatal recovery phase.


Within my prenatal sessions I also like to focus on preparing the body for the movements of motherhood.


Your body will be moving in many new ways as you care for your newborn, baby, toddler etc, & a lot of these movements are repeated day in day out, & quite hard on the body. For example lifting baby in & out of a cot, lifting car seats, being on the floor with baby. It is wonderful for the body to be prepared for these new ways in which it will move & to know how to minimise & alleviate aches & pains associated with these new movements. 

both prenatal & postnatal time periods are unique & can be unpredictable,
but what we can do together is prepare your body, stack the odds in your favour,
& create the conditions to make your pregnancy, labour, birth,
& early postnatal phase the best experience it can be

this is for you if you want to...

 learn tools to help your body carry strong through pregnancy,

be better prepared for your desired birth & feel confident in your body's ability to labour & birth your baby,


experience a smoother postpartum recovery

i can help you...

  • learn exercises & tools to reduce or eliminate the common aches & pains of pregnancy

  • spot & avoid exercises that create tension & pressure in your body

  • prepare the muscles that play key roles in pregnancy, labour & birth

  • strengthen your core & with a focus on the deep core

  • support your pelvic floor through pregnancy, & prepare it for labour, birth & early postnatal recovery

  • prepare your body for any type of labour, birth & early postnatal recovery

  • learn exercises & tools to help you move from pregnancy into the postnatal recovery phase

  • learn exercises to help prepare your body for the movements of motherhood

pregnancy fitness, functional exercise & movement
prepare your body for labour, birth, the early postnatal phase & the movements of motherhood 

private assessments (online & in person)

private sessions (online & in person)
group sessions (online & in person)
personal exercise programming

to book or to find out more

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