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early postnatal 

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Supporting your body with early postnatal rehabilitation can make a huge difference with your overall healing & recovery post birth. We want to recover & reconnect. Your core & pelvic floor have been through a lot over the 10 or so months of pregnancy, labour & birth. 


Encouraging early postnatal healing & recovery can begin as early as the day after you have your baby, however your baby entered into the world, but ideally should begin within the first week. 


Your body has already undergone a lot of changes during pregnancy. Postnatally you may have been through a labour & your body will have been through a birth. A lot of changes are happening within the body during these early weeks; natural healing sets in, hormones are shifting, & you now also have a newborn to care for as you recover. 


I see early postnatal rehabilitation as a way of supporting your body during these early weeks, & facilitating healing, recovery & reconnection. We can help your body with this process, giving it what it needs to heal & recover well. The slower you go during this early postnatal stage, & the more patient you are with your recovering body, the faster you will get to where you want to be.  

My early postnatal sessions, 0-6 weeks postnatal, focus on healing & helping the body to restrengthen. I place a big focus on reconnecting & restrengthening the core & pelvic floor in particular. 


This then sets you up with a strong foundation to be able to slowly ease back into exercise at around 6-8 weeks post birth (8 weeks if you have had a c-section) to continue with early postnatal recovery. Overall this early postnatal healing & recovery phase lasts until around 12 weeks postnatal. 

At around 12+ weeks postnatally you could then look to my 'postnatal restore' page to continue your journey! 


the early postnatal weeks are unique & can be unpredictable,
but what we can do together is support your healing body,
stack the odds in your favour for a smoother recovery
& create the conditions for the early postnatal phase
to be the best experience it can be

this is for you if you want to...

be guided through physical recovery in the early weeks after birth 0-12 weeks, 

facilitate healing & recovery of the core & pelvic floor,

give your body the best chances of minimising or avoiding common postnatal core & pelvic floor dysfunctions & distressing symptoms,

set yourself up well to be able to cope with the physical demands & movements of early motherhood,


overall experience a smoother postpartum recovery & be able to transition back into exercise

i can help you...

  • learn exercises & tools specifically designed to facilitate postnatal recovery & healing

  • learn exercises & tools to reduce or eliminate common postnatal aches & pains (eg back & hip pains)

  • facilitate core recovery & healing (healing abdominal separation known as diastasis recti or 'mummy tummy')

  • facilitate pelvic floor recovery & healing

  • address common early postnatal symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence (leaking wee) & heaviness

  • spot & avoid exercises that create tension & pressure in your body

  • strengthen your core & with a focus on the deep core

  • learn exercises to help your early postnatal body handle the movements of motherhood

early postnatal

(0 - 12 weeks post birth)
recover & reconnect your core & pelvic floor
private assessments (online & in person)

private sessions (online & in person)
group sessions (online & in person)
personal exercise programming

to book or to find out more

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