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what is restore your core ® ?

Restore Your Core ® is a comprehensive exercise program created by the wonderful Lauren Ohayon, for women who have core & pelvic floor dysfunction

More than 50% of all women will experience one or more of the below issues in their lifetime

These issues are often deemed to be 'common' & 'normal' after having a baby & are brushed off as simply the 'price of having a child'​


leaking urine when running, jumping, working out, laughing, sneezing or coughing

constant back pain & low back pain

a weak core or a gap in the core wall (diastasis recti)

a bulging, heavy or pressure sensation in the pelvic floor

hip pain & discomfort

painful sexual intercourse

pelvic organ prolapse

These issues can have a hugely negative impact on your quality of life

If you are experiencing issues like these, there is hope!

RYC ® takes a unique approach to core wellness, aiming to empower & educate women to achieve long term change, not quick fixes, by teaching them how to move efficiently & exercise optimally


It combines sustainable & functional Yoga & Pilates based exercises with the fundamentals of biomechanics


RYC ®️ will enable you to make informed & educated choices so you can build core function & wellness beyond the mat, from learning how your breath can affect core wellness, to your choice in footwear


With its unique tools, terminology & cues, this program teaches the principles of core engagement

& strengthening in a way that is easily accessed & clear


It takes a function over fit approach & encourages women to return to the activities they love once they feel ready & confidant


Why should you choose Restore Your Core ® ? 

RYC ®️ helps women;

identify unhelpful movement patterns that are hindering core function & healing

find healthy alignment, so their muscles & tissues can finally start to heal

rebuild their body functionally & start moving and breathing without pain, fear, or discomfort

place function over form, staying well away from a ‘burn & shred’ mentality

feel part of a nurtured & supported community of women

As a RYC ®️ Certified Teacher I work closely with health care practitioners, other movement teachers & women to educate them on best practice for core wellness, dispelling many core myths & sharing ground-breaking information to improve best practice & support women

Upcoming Online Series

This online series is a wonderful opportunity to explore the Restore Your Core ® foundations as we move through stages 1 & 2.

You will experience live guidance & feedback from a Certified RYC ® Teacher, support between sessions as you practice & have any questions answered.

Groups will be small so I am able to focus on each person & suitable for absolute beginners & mixed level RYC ® practitioners


In this series you will learn corrective movement & breathing patterns to optimize alignment & reduce stress & pressure on your core & pelvic floor.

Learn exercises & movement to restore optimal core & pelvic floor function & how to integrate these movements into everyday life :)


  • Work on your breathing pattern & troubleshoot issues

  • Explore your compensation patterns & uncover blindspots

  • Optimise your core engagement strategy

  • Learn how & when to use movement modifications

  • Be a part of a safe & supportive community

I offer private sessions, assessments & group sessions (online & in person)

& 6 week RYC ® series (online only)

more info or to book

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