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Very exciting news!
I am now featured on the below website. Thank you to the lovely founder Lauren Ohayon.
Restore Your Core ® 


'Thia's 6 week course is the perfect way to start your RYC journey. It gives you the opportunity to delve into the initial stages of the online programme but with the guidance of a teacher who talks through the breathwork and movements very clearly / at a pace to suit you, and can also answer your questions and give feedback directly. Thia is very gentle, patient & succinct in her descriptions. I would highly recommend her course' 

                - Anita Peach, UK


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support your changing body through pregnancy with prenatal fitness, functional exercise & movement

effectively prepare your body for labour, birth & the movements of motherhood

optimise your labour, birth & early postnatal experience

help your body recover, facilitate healing, & reconnect your early postnatal core & pelvic floor

restore & optimise your postnatal body with functional exercise & movement

explore a whole body approach to core & pelvic floor rehabilitation


confidently get your body moving & get back to doing the things you love


take positive steps to improve distressing symptoms that can negatively impact your quality of life

leaking urine when running, jumping, working out, laughing, sneezing or coughing

constant back pain & low back pain

a weak core or a gap in the core wall (diastasis recti)

a bulging, heaviness or sensation of pressure in the pelvic floor

hip pain & discomfort

painful sexual intercourse

pelvic organ prolapse


hi,  i'm Thia

I'm a movement teacher supporting both prenatal & postnatal women. I am passionate about helping women feel their best throughout pregnancy as their body changes & post birth.

I teach using a whole body functional exercise & movement approach that optimises your whole body during pregnancy, alleviating many common pregnancy issues & preparing the body for the new ways in which it will move during motherhood. 

This approach allows for the effective preparation of your body for a smoother labour & birth, & also facilitates healing in the early postnatal days of recovery & rehabilitation.

Postnatally, early postnatal (0-12 weeks post birth), & postnatal (12+ weeks post birth) I focus on helping women rehabilitate their core & pelvic floor.  Regaining strength, getting back to the activities they love & alleviating any symptoms that are impacting their quality of life. 

I am personally invested in helping women who have an existing birth injury, core & pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic organ prolapse. If you are looking for help with management, symptom reduction & healing click here. 

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pregnancy fitness, functional exercise & movement

prepare your body for labour, birth, the early postnatal phase

& the movements of motherhood

early postnatal & postnatal

recover & reconnect your core & pelvic floor


restore & optimise your postnatal body 



alleviate distressing symptoms

private assessments

private sessions

group sessions

personal exercise programming

private assessments

private sessions

group sessions

personal exercise programming

restore your core® series

the prolapse series

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